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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pen EE-3 (electronic eye) pocket camera circa 1973

I have two of these small, sleek and really unique half-frame cameras. All in good working condition. Its time to wake them up from their long slumber with our next trip just around the corner. People would come and wonder where on earth did I get mine.... hehehe.. A while ago, a group of people from Penang stopped me half way while cycling one fine Sunday morning in Jalan TAR. They followed me on foot for quite some time just to ask about my camera and my ride a D3. (No not Nikon D3, but a Dahon D3). It turned out that they are fellow lomographers... and one was using a Leica! Sorry Bro Tan, if kita tukar suka sama suka pun I tak nak (although the Leica is worth more than RM10k) I am in love with this little babe. This video explains why the Olympus Pen EE series are a rarity.

I get all my rolled film needs from Digicolour Jalan Ipoh (also a wedding photographer/ mak andam heaven). For processing, my favorite place would be FujiFilm @ Ground Floor, Menara Axis, PJ where they can process and scanned the duly developed film directly into digital files for RM10 per roll.

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