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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Note to a Friend (Part V)

In photography and angling I perfected my art
Between the times I do my lawyering of sorts
With the Holy Quran, my heart won't smart
Dear Sis, I beg forgiveness for this world and Akhirat
I am a mere human being, of flesh and blood
A saint - certainly I am not!

Although I am not bidding farewell to you, my dear friend
I wish you as I always do, with a wry smile & heart in my hand
May Allah provide His blessings to you & family
Live long, happy and prosper till the end.

Wasallallahu ala Khairi Khalkika Saiyidina Muhammadanin Nabiyyi Ummiyi wa ala Alihi wasahbihi wasallam
Walhamdulillahi Rabbil A'lamin

(Next installment - Postscript : for son & daughters)

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