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Monday, August 15, 2011

A note to a Friend (Part IV)

As time flew by, ESQ165* came
Guided me through - indeed I'm game
From there onwards, my life have changed
tis certainly is not the same!

My wife, you encouraged me to do what`s right
And kept me from doing what`s wrong
You are the last bastion of hope that I have
that raised me up and kept me strong.

Pilgrims circumbulating the Kaabah, photo taken from top level Masjidil Haram
Click on photo to enlarge

I humbly sought Allah's guidance and grace
and set out to perform the Haj
repenting for all sins and asking for
Allah's forgiveness and a brand new heart.

O Allah we are grateful for making us realize
That we Muslims are indeed a capable lot
If we are forever united to play our part
Steadfastly in Solat, and forever giving our best shot.

Satria ESQ!
Go! Go! Go!

Satria ESQ!
Fight! Fight! Fight!

Satria ESQ!
Win! Win! Win!

*ESQ165 is a leadership training programme. More information on ESQ165 please visit http://esq.com.my/

(Next installment - Part V)

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