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Friday, August 05, 2011

A Note to a Friend (Part 1)

As Maher Zain's song humming faintly via the pc speakers
I watched from my office window, the peaceful lake across the street
Wondering in my dreams tonite - with whom I shall meet?
It won't be Prophet Mohammad, doubtfully, I fear
For He, the Chosen One, feels so distant from me - I am sure.

Scribbling pointlessly without a plan
Don`t know how to start and what to say
O Allah, I have so many things on my mind
I pray thee, please let me find my way.
(Thanks Maher Zain -yes, Insya Allah I'll find my way)

I`ll start by saying that you are amazing
Once, you really meant the world to me
without your presence in my life
I won't know where I would be.

Did you know that I dearly miss you?
I haven`t seen you for a long while
I miss all of the fun we had
I really miss seeing you smile.

It was just like yesterday it seems
I doubt you know how is it like to live, perpetually in a dream?

As I`m contemplating on this matter
Not sure what else to add or say
Probably you`re now wishing in your dismay
That Potter would make me disappear or go away.

Zam-zam alakazam... (blimey... wrong script, wrong movie)

I tried desperately to stop this monologue
But my poor heart is silently screaming "Otokajo!*"
I suppose if I don`t tell you now
Then you`ll never ever know.

Yes, it perfectly fine if I won`t get another chance
I'll just pen my thoughts for the world to see
To tell you how I really feel
That what I had for you was truly real.

* Korean for "What should I do?"

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