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Monday, August 22, 2011

Meaning of Merdeka

To my daughter Jamilah,
Note that:
Notwithstanding the resounding cries of “Merdeka!”
yet, the rakyat of this great nation are still suffering
Look around you or just watch “Bersamamu” at TV3
ask your conscience with a deep heartfelt sincerity
to seek and find your answers lies hidden therein.

The colonial masters have long since departed
But in its stead now, are no better beings
than their predecessors,
rejoicing with joy the battle cry of yet another Merdeka Day
While the ignorant folks in the kampungs sat still
unperturbed in the deafening song of silence.

We the poor rakyat of a rich country
despite the abundance of wealth and a motley of projects abound
are still waiting for the dawn of a true meaning of Merdeka
For Merdeka Day celebration of late
in reality are just ordinary mundane holiday
of slogans, street processions and circus acts
utterly devoid of meaning to persons that are still
being imprisoned by invisible chains and walls
in the body, heart, mind and spirit.

My beloved daughter,
We, the older generations, albeit patiently, are still waiting.

August 2011

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