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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Khasiat daun Mulberi

A long time ago, on a mountain called Yaoshan, lived a single mother and her son. The son was a nice lad; his name was Damu. He always took good care of his mother. They made their living by growing crops, and their life was not bad.

One fall, after a lot of rains, the mother was ill in bed. She felt dizzy and was coughing every day. To cure his mother, Damu went everywhere to find the right medicines. However, although half a month passed, the mother was still very ill, and Damu was very upset.

One day, Damu was told that there was a monk who practiced medicine during his free time, and who lived in a temple on Yaoshan. Damu was so happy about the good news that he wanted to carry his mother on his back to see the monk. However, his mother would not go because she thought it was too far to go and that it would definitely hurt her son's back to carry her.

"My son, you've already too tired from searching for herbs. Yaoshan is a big mountain; the road to the temple is pretty steep, and it's impossible for you to carry me by yourself."

"No problem, Mom. If I am tired, we could rest. I have heard that that monk is really good at medicine. He knows lots of prescriptions."
"Son, I believe you. But I couldn't walk there by myself, and the temple is too far away for you to carry me. You will get hurt if you take me there on your back. Maybe you can go to see the monk first, and bring back the herbs. Let's try that, ok?"


"Just do as I say. Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself."

Before starting out, Damu boiled water and put it in a big container for his mother to drink. However, he forgot to put the lid on the container because he left in a hurry. A few hours later, the mother was thirsty and wanted to drink some water. When she reached the container, she found there were several mulberry leaves inside it. She told herself: "The wind in the fall is really strong; it blew so many leaves into  this water." 

After drinking the water, the old lady went to sleep.  When she woke up, she felt better, and the pain in her head was greatly relieved. She drank another cup of water.

It was sunset. The white clouds in the sky were dyed almost red by the sunlight, as was Yaoshan. What a beautiful scene! At this time, Damu came back. Sweat was pouring down his face when he opened the door.
"Are you ok, Mom?"
"I feel better now. Did you get the medicine?"

"Bad luck. The monk wasn't in the temple when I got there. He had gone somewhere else. I will go to see him tomorrow."

"You look tired. Eat your dinner and go to bed early."

"I am ok. Let's have our dinner."

"I don't want to eat. It's strange. I feel better after drinking the water, and I want more of it."

The next morning, after getting up, the mother told Damu she was recovered and wanted to take a walk. Damu was totally confused: "Mom, did you eat  some medicine?"

"Not at all. I just drank some water."

"Did you put something into the water?"

"Nothing but a few mulberry leaves, which had been blown into the container.''

Looking at the leaves in the water, Damu couldn't help but wonder that maybe the mulberry leaves cured his mother's illness.

After eating breakfast, Damu boiled water, picked some leaves from the mulberry tree and put them into the water. He then went to see the monk.

The monk first asked a lot of detailed questions about his mother's illness. Then the monk told Damu that he could put some "frost" mulberry leaves (leaves gathered after a frost) into water and boil it.
Damu was so excited when he was told this prescription, because he finally understood that the "frost" mulberry leaves were actually an effective herb, and that was why his mother had recovered by drinking the water.

Mulberry leaf (Folium Mori)
Beneficial for lung and liver.
Expels wind and clear heat
Clear the lungs and moisten dryness
Calms the liver Yang
Brighten the eyes
Reduces blood pressure levels & blood cholesterol
6-12 grams in water for oral use or wash eyes with it

Chinese Herbal legends 50 stories for understanding Chinese Herbs
Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda, Seksyen 13 Shah Alam

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