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Monday, August 16, 2010

Meniti Titian Usang

Bridges in Alor Setar

What is the significance of a bridge? It is just a connector or a device/contraption to overcome hindrances or obstacles to get across from point A to point B. There are lots of famous bridges in this world i.e. Golden Gate, the Penang bridge, the suspended bridge in France which is touted to be the highest in the world and historically during the second world war in these part of the world for sure some of you have heard or watched the movie entitled "The Bridge on River Kwai" - what's underneath the bridge really matters. Kalau kat Sarawak, for sure the famous "bujang senang" (alligators, cayman, gavial - whatever names you call it) dah sedia menunggu. The type of bridge that I want to share my thoughts with is not similar to all these bridges at all and it is all out of this world. This same "bridge" was actually mentioned and referred to in the song "Meniti Titian Usang" written by M Nasir and made popular by the Malaysian rock band "Search".

Actually ages ago, Search used to perform in TTDI's Hard Rock Cafe (I really doubt that it was the real HRC as we know today as it was located in a shop unit). Bro2 Search used to play football at Taman Zaaba with some of us (me included). Malangnya, budak2 kita yang jadi masa tu jadi Mat Rock, telah gagal, enggan, cuai dan/atau lalai untuk memahami hakikat sebenar apa yang dimaksudkan dengan "Titian Usang"dalam lagu ciptaan M. Nasir tersebut. I am talking about the Sirat Al-Mustaqim! Wake up everyone... Apakah kita dapat selamat ke seberang sana atau apakah takdir kita terjun ke dalam Neraka? Again talking about "Neraka" reminds me of what my youngest daughter used to say to me "Ayah, marilah Kinah nak sangat pergi Zoo Neraka"... although I had corrected her a couple of times, (its Zoo Negara, the National Zoo actually)but she still tends to say "Zoo Neraka".....

Masjid Zahir, a famous landmark in Alor Setar

Menara Alor Setar

Another view of the famous Tower

One of the famous dishes in Alor Setar would be the Mee Gulong...but look at the gargantuan size of the serving plate! Frankly I had never tasted it before. Biar bebenor Ustaz Firdaus kita ni.. :-)

Masjid Zahir, at a different angle and in black and white

As to what we were doing in Alor Setar... it was my sister's official Khatam AlQuran hafazan ceremony. It is certainly not an easy task to become a hafizah.

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