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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My present job - IP lawyering

Dalam pertemuan singkat in a lift,  a sister asked me about my job and the conversation goes somewhat like this:

Q: Abg Z, actually what is your job? Tak faham... teringin juga nak tahu...

A: I am merely a "kuli kutip" (executive) - doing drafting work related to legal matters - with my main duty to protecting the interest of my employer in agreements. My work has lots to do with Intellectual Property (IP).

Q: What is drafting?, the sis continued.

A: Drafting ... short answer - we sell words. 

Q: Selling words!... macam tak percaya aje ada that kind of profession. Are you serious?

A: Yes, a lawyer job is mostly selling words. But we reduce it to written form. Bukan jual air liur yg tak ada kesudahannya .. . my word... our word is our honour and commitment. And without honour and commitment, we are worthless (my answer dengan berkobar-kobar sekali).

Q: IP tu apa la pulak? Bukan macam kung fu filem "IP Man" kan?

A: To explain IP sampai faham would take half a day.. walaupun takde melibatkan physical "kung fu" but "kung fu" dalam bentuk words and sentences dalam agreement ada lah! We do not get what we deserve, we get what we negotiate. You need to understand about "Risks".

Lift pun sampai ke destinasi... but so for those yang nak tahu tugas seorang IP Lawyer can pay a visit to the following link: (its a highly educational trip, thanks to the World Intellectual Property Organization and its affiliates that made explanation easy).


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