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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day outing

Rows of Malaysian Flags...seen through Voigtlander Color Scopar 20mm... but the construction site marred the image. Not sharp enough? Click on the above photo to see it on a larger scale.

The National Museum was the destination for the outing... the writer's house was situated less than three (3) kilometers away (Jalan Kelantan, Federal Hill) way back in the 70s... believe it or not, this place used to be the writer's playground.

Kinah with the malay sampan

Self explanatory - I am simply the cutest!

The eerie swamp monster is nearby..

Jejak Laksamana Hang Tuah

The recipe for this local but unusual delicacy (nasi kurma) was given to my maid by Chef Wan himself via a simple phone call to his cousin. The man himself coincidentally was around... a simple beef stock? okay.. it did the trick and improved the taste of the dish tremendously. Terima kasih Chef Wan!

Ah... gagal di situ... apalah Acu ni!!!...
The unforgettable & fun outing

Kinah : I am now part of history in the making!

It is now 2010.... (Voigtlander Color Scopar 2omm with an old UV filter from an old Nikon 50mm scarred with fungus that diffused the lights.. note to self - get a new UV filter!)

But we shall not forget our roots.....

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