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Monday, May 03, 2010

Masjid Shah Alam Photo shoot

We had fun... The the two of us sharing a DSLR for the photo shoot right after the kursus. Just 1 ni aje dulu. Gambar-ganbar yang lain needs a bit of post processing. The water fountain macam tidak diselenggarakan dengan betul and it would shoot out water in an uncontrolled directions. The main problem - "how to see" and make the photo interesting. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can take photos... A photo with impact is what we are looking for. Rasanya gambar ni masih kureng...

Reminds me of the quote by a friend during a teh tarik session more than 10 years ago - "everything is interesting, if you are interested.. " but obviously he was referring to .. err.. the opposite sex.

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