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Saturday, May 08, 2010

As busy as a bee

A swarm of honey bees came and visited us today - their target, our passion fruit vines now blooming with flowers, kinda synchronized act right after Friday prayers... but they all left once the rain came. This was the best photo that I managed to take... they were too fast for me, struggling with a manual lens (albeit the legendary super clear Voigtlander)... Still longing for the AFS Nikkor macro lens though......takde budget lagi.

1st bee: watch out! that photographer cum lawyer is taking advantage of us!
2nd bee: I don't understand you? he is just our uncle Z whom had planted all these passion fruit vines for us to enjoy... he won't even hurt a bee..
1st bee: I tell you.. he is dangerous... and he's only after our honey! lawyers and photographers don't mix, on the first round - they'll shoot you, then they'll frame you and lastly they'll hang you on a wall. The second round is even worse.... you would not want to know what they are capable of..
3rd bee: er okay...lets buzz off then.

The photo was uploaded in low resolution on purpose. The last time around, I found out that somebody had used my photos without permission.. and no credits was given.

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