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Friday, February 18, 2011

Photoshoot February 2011

Time to reflect... & reflections.
Location - 5 km away from Lembah Anai waterfall, Sumatra Barat

A rare shot - Kantor Walikota Bukittinggi in good weather. Normally its either gloomy or washed out sky!

Jam Gadang Bukittinggi at night. Fact: believe it or not - it is recorded that the watch tower's main engine is actually a twin sister of the famous Big Ben in London.

A signboard is a signboard.... is a signboard.... is a signboard...
one may notice it....but none shall take heed.
Location : Petaling Street.

I took this shot at Putrajaya during Macro photography class by the humble sifu Cikgu Shark
(Sharkawi Che Din).
Google his name and you will be rewarded with great photographs!

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