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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kahwin = Kontrak

Korang ingat senang ke nak deraf agreement? Pening....

Analoginya menarik sekali.. but let me put it this way. Marriage is in reality a contract. Confused?

Say for example, there is to be a collaboration project involving several parties. An agreement is to be signed by an entity with 4 other separate parties but as in life or mariage, unexpected things can happens.


A party  yang disangkakan setia, suddenly chicken out leaving three parties willing to forge ahead through thick and thin.


To avoid further compications, based on the islamic jurisprudence of "Maslahah" all the signing of the agrement or  if this is a marriage solemnisation ceremony/ akad nikah - had to be conducted at a separate avenue/sessions. Takut depa start nitpicking & bergaduh!


Lesson learned (pun is definitely intended): Payah nak "kawin" sekali empat in one session.


For me... more paperwork...

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