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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


A psychiatrist had a meeting with a Medical Social Worker in a well known hospital. Whilst in the meeting room during a break, the Medical Social Worker came out and said, "You a public speaker, aren't you? Would you do me a favour? I've got a group of hospital patients in the lecture room and the actual speaker hasn't turned up. I am stuck with some urgent paperwork…could you fill in for an hour or so?"

"Certainly", said the smiling psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist  stood behind the podium and looked down at the group of patients, who stared blankly back at her. But being a pro, she gave forth her most powerful presentation/motivational talk. She was constantly being interrupted, however, by a group patients at the back of the room, they frenziedly yelling in unison, "Bullshit….Bullshit…Bullshit"

When she had finished speaking, the psychiatrist said to the Medical Social Worker that she didn't think those men at the back of the room were impressed with her talk.

"On the contrary”, said the Medical Social Worker, "you were fantastic!

“Really?” said the psychiatrist.

“They always disagree with each other …that’s the first intelligent thing that those patients have said in five years!”