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Friday, June 06, 2014

Shocking Air Asia's RM40,000.00 direct debit fees

Dear Mr Tan Sri Tony Fernandez,

Yes, I am the owner of this blog. After several botched attempts, I tried to login my complaint to your system. I really hope that the message gets through.

There is some serious computer glitch in your system! I bought a one way ticket to Bandung last year and the trip would be in June 2014.  I wanted to add in some food, yes, your Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser is very tantalizing... but even before selecting our choice of food, a sum of 40,000.00 MYR was added as "Direct Debit Processing Fees". I initially thought that the figure quoted was in the Indonesian currency, Rupiah...but hell, no. Either my eyesight was failing me or I was hallucinating.... Okay, not funny.... cancel that. Damn too expensive... I would need 2 gold credit cards just to cover the processing charges. Unfortunately I am only entitled to 1. STRIKE 1.

Since the flight is scheduled in the wee hours of the morning, I wanted to add bus transportation from 1Utama to the new airport... and again the sum of 40,000.00 MYR "Direct Debit Processing Fees" would appear like magic. Oh... ok...STRIKE 2.  Now I am wondering whether your system engineers are really qualified to do their job.

Instead of 'Now Everybody can fly', AA should change their tagline to "Now everyone can die of a heart attack". It is only a flight to Bandung. Not a space shuttle trip to the outer reaches of the planet's atmosphere!

AA is my favourite no frills airline despite all the hiccups. Please attend to these issues ASAP.

Now Mr Tan Sri Tony, you "nearly" owe me banquet meal in the skies for 40,000.00 MYR! And seriously,  I really lodged in an official complaint... and proud to show you the screen capture below. 

Unfortunately Airasia comments page at http://www.airasia.com/my/en/e-form.page really sucks.... big time. Why? As soon as I pushed the "send" button I was directed to the error page below:

(Facepalm). Mr Tan Sri Tony, I had tried to lodge the same complaint four (4) times. I think you should fire all your system engineers. Instead of having breakfast on my flight to Bandung, I would be reading the Consumer Protection Act, 1999. I am sure the sum of RM40k as Direct Debit Fee for a RM124-00 one way flight ticket is wholly not justified and is grossly excessive.


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