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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Contoh email jawapan kepada spammers (Personal Data Protection Act)

(Nota: just cut and paste the text below as a reply to spammers and change the name and designation below. I am not sure whether requesting RM10-00 to forget the whole matter is legal... tapi kalau dah geram, hantam sajalah! You are FREE to copy and use this draft. Let this be a lesson to all spammers. Let us have our privacy back).

The Personal Data Protection Act, aimed at preventing abuse of personal data of citizens for commercial purposes, would come into force on Jan 1, said Information, Communications and Culture Deputy Minister Joseph Salang Gandum.

He said the Act, which was passed by Parliament in 2010, would play a crucial role in safeguarding the interest of individuals, and made it illegal for corporate entities or individuals to sell personal information or allow the use of data by third parties.

Many quarters, he said, felt that the enactment of the Act was timely as it would facilitate the transfer and transmitting of personal and often very important information seamlessly.

"It gives the public more control over their personal data. Whenever consent is required for data processing, it'll have to be given expressly rather than impliedly or be assumed," he said in his keynote address at the Second Annual Personal Data Protection Summit in Kuala Lumpur, today.

Under the Act, offenders were liable to be jailed for up to two years or fined RM300,000, or both, if convicted.

I did not give any consent to your organization to use of my email address for any marketing purposes. In any event, the Malaysian Legal Fraternity is looking forward to have a test case/precedent on this subject matter. It also affords a good income stream to the government and hopefully with all the prosecutions and fines collected, we can look forward to have a lower rate of income tax payable to LHDN. Bearing that in mind, please confirm whether your organization is desirous to be in this enviable position. 

Please revert soonest with written your apology within twenty four (24) hours from the delivery of this email and a bank draft/cheque for the sum of RM10-00 to be made payable in my name (and yeah, I don’t think that you can afford to pay RM300k fine to the Government) failing which I would lodge an official complaint to Jabatan Perlindungan Data Peribadi (aduanpdp@kpkk.gov.my).

Thank you

“Insert name”

“insert designation”

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