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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Romance Photographers

Romance photographers see life as a series of stories and images. Their work takes you some place in your mind you've never been and makes you want to return there again and again. Its akin to that amazing first kiss, the one you've never forgotten, the one that spins in your brain over the years becoming a comparison to everything following after it.

Me, I am only a simple budding photographer, a hobby that puts my mind at ease against the tension of life's commitments. One day when I am no longer around, I hope my son and daughters would appreciate all the images and memories that I had left for them to cherish. 

Hari ini kami bersama kalian. Suatu hari kelak, kami akan pergi menyambut panggilan Illahi. Ingatilah kami dalam doa kalian. Tiada lain yang kami harapkan selain doa kesejahteraan yang kalian kirimkan dengan perasaan tulus ikhlas.

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