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Monday, January 16, 2012

Photography = Vision

It's never been about the gear. Huh? Betul ke?

It's always been about seeing something, knowing how you want it to look, and making it so. Seeing it in the first place (yes, this is the hard part) is what makes a photographer.

Any Tom, Dick and Harry can snap tonnes of photos. So let us be different and "drive" the camera by making strong changes to the basic controls to get the look that we want. And no... it is definitely not about Photoshop and great many other image editing software in the market!

Real photographers "make" their photos while a mere camera owners "take" photos.

They have a system or a work flow when taking images. They first envision their ideas in their mind and turn their vision into reality. Trust me, this is a skill that can be learned, even by you, my dear readers.

It's not about your expensive camera. It's not about my lousy and outdated camera. It's all about you, how you see and what you were thinking when you press the shutter button! (Ada sister yang pernah komen after borrowing my ancient D40 for about half an hour during last hari raya gathering, ceh... nak ambik gambar pun kena fikir ke? Well, the results speaks for itself - ....there I told you... itu sebab most of your photos are plain boring... biasa-biasa sahaja, nak hasil dewa-dewa, tapi tak mahu berfikir dan berusaha lebih sikit...)

It's all about our ability to see. It's all about our ability to view new things, and to see old things in different new ways.

It's all about our vision. It's never about your camera.

Try changing your angles. Although there may be only one subject, but there are always great many angles and way to see it.

Cameras don't take pictures, photographers do. Take a photo today, everyday trying different angles and you would be surprised with what you see.

Do you have a "vision" in your mind? Why don't you try to turn it into a reality?

On another note (with a twist):
Apakan visi anda dalam menjalani kehidupan ini? Bolehkah... atau mampukah anda realisasikan impian anda menjadi kenyataan?

Have a nice day & Wassalam.

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