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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Penjejak Awan

It has been a couple of months since I became the proud owner of my new ride. Its a gift from my wife. Unlike some friends of mine yg lebih selesa menunggang kuda asli, (how I wish I can afford one) the one that I have is made of aluminum alloy and weights less than 11.5kgs and it is a foldie white in colour codenamed "cloud": If you guys see someone riding a white foldie near TESCO/Shah Alam Stadium after fajr prayers, that person would probably be me! Kalau petang-petang ... jika cuaca mengizinkan, that lonely figure riding a white foldie in almost white attire and white helmet kat Subang Jaya lakes, happily buat lap in the abandoned go--kart race track..... tegur-tegurlah ya.

Do not underestimate its small size..... its is amazingly fast and nimble... petang semalam a much younger chap on a racer thought he can run circles around the cloud... boleh tahan jugak cloud ni, walaupun ianya cuma ada 3 gears and it is not built for speed though...

I now own two foldies - mind you that these are their real names printed on the bikes' frames - the first is "WIndy" and now the second, "Cloud".... kebetulan aje tu kot? Wind and Cloud..... (Fung Wan theme song blaring on the background).....hmmmmm...

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