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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Golden Half untuk ke Makkah

Blok 3, SIRIM Berhad

Frame it with leaves!

Photos taken with the Golden Half, a toy camera made mostly out of plastic. These were taken using Kodak ISO400 film (that comes FOC with the camera) developed and scanned at the photoprinter- Location SunPhoto SS2, PJ. Costs involved for developing and scanning directly from the film's negatives - RM15.00. Normally it would only cost you RM12-00. The extra RM3-00 was additional since I was using a half frame camera which doubles the exposures i.e. from a 24 exposure film to 48. In my case, for my first roll of film, I managed to get 52 exposures. (Hint: film SLR (full frame) in the secondhand market now costs next to nothing, and scanning technology getting even better than ever, this is definitely a revival of the film media - so there is no urgency at all to upgrade to full frame DSLR).

Lesson to be learned - a cheap camera does not mean that it is not good. If you still get lousy images, its the camera user that is to be blamed!

The price for the Golden Half is RM190-00. It is supposed to be a lomo camera...and it gives blurry images at its edges due to the imperfection of the plastic lens but I think it is too perfect to be in that category. All photos would need to be taken in bright conditions. Thanks to Adrian of the Click Shop for his speedy help in processing my order. This lame camera will accompany me to Makkah. With more than 5 million people performing the haj this year, I would not want to bring my precious DSLR along. Takut hilang focus untuk nak beribadat nanti!

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