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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Voigtlander Color Scopar 20mm

Baby in "oil painting" filter mode. It is obviously Gimped, not Photoshopped!

Kuching Firaun - taken using kit lens.

Voigtlander Colour Scopar 20mm in action

The legendary Nikkor 105mm Macro

Voigtlander.. kan clear gile..

Voigtlander Color Scopar 20mm - my new toy.

1. its a legendary lens - sharp like a razor! The same brand of lens
that was used to record images on the moon.
2. little or no flare capabilities,
3. smaller than then sigma or nikon lens. (its pancake type)
4. 52 mm filter thread.
5. metal body.

1. No autofocus at all! Although metering is supported. Set the focus to infinity - everything from 3m is away should be in sharp focus.
2. Price... huh.. est ist expensive.... unless you got it pre-owned like I did. The previous owner was a rich chap who dumped this cool stuff at a local photo shop and upgraded to a high end Leica lens!

The Voigtlander Color Scopar 20mm found its new home on my wife's lowly pre-owned Nikon D40.

Memang sengaja cari low end entry level model. Sebab harga body semakin depreciate setiap hari but harga lensa.. kalau tak maintain at that level, makin mahal la pulak!!! Hanya jauhari sahaja yang mengenal Maniam ...eh bukan... manikam!. Let us see how creative she can be. There are lots of objects around us - if you have the eyes that can "see" one can create great startling images. It is all in the imagination of the photographer and not because of the equipment that you use. Imagination keeps the writer healthy and creative.

One can be either a real photographer or a camera owner.

Again, one may have the latest up-to-date camera body with expensive collection of lens but if you do not make full use of its capabilities....all the potential gone to waste. So my bro K, despite
the fact that you only own a portable zoom camera & not a DSLR - daripada ko lepak2 kat rumah takde buat apa-apa.... pls join us (me and my wife) kita pi photo shoot! Let us show those people that crappy camera could also produce fantastic images! Hope you are happy with the photo of yr kuching firaun... hahahh..

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