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Saturday, November 22, 2008

GO OO 3.0


After tinkering on my own personal notebook for a number of years now, I am officially switching to OpenOffice 3.0 on my workstation pc. GO OS is a open source software distribution that had made some tinkering on the ordinary OpenOffice 3.0 (GO OO only upload unto the computer the necessaries thus avoiding codebloat) which would result in a blazing performance. You may download the official OpenOffice suite by clicking on the above logo. Alternatively, you may want to try out the one that I am using now which could be downloaded here.

So far all the agreements that I had created in MS Word 2003 could be used without any hiccups. In the organisation where I work, we had to fork out a hefty sum of money to use MS Office products. Yeah, I should know better, I am in charge of vettting the software license agreement renewal, which has become somewhat of an annual ritual.

The outcome of this test may pursuade me to recommemnd to the top management to kiss goodbye to MS Office suite.

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