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Friday, November 23, 2007

Jamilah's Convocation

As to why did they choose a Deepavali holiday to host the event... tak tahu lah. Initially the original plan was to cabut balik ke JB Rabu malam khamis... so that boleh bercuti lebih lama lagi for the planned trip to Singapore with Kamarul. The event was held in Shah Alam's Balai seni Islam. As "graduation"is a once in a lifetime event, takpelah.. kita akan attend. In any event, Jamilah is involved in a Dikir Barat entitled "Dikir DzulIman". So for the first time, Jamilah recieved the award of being "First in Class" for Rightious class DzulIman Section 13.

It is a small world after all. DzulIman was actually managed by persons that I knew, friends in Nuqaba' council back in my student days in IIUM. Jumpa balik Abg Yadman, my old naqib usrah. The pengetua for DzulIman Section 13 was none other than Sister Hazalila Saman. Dia mungkin tak ingat, but aku pernah bergaduh dengan dia way back in 1992 rasanya pasal kes dia yang jaga bab finance tak support my efforts - masa tu I was in charge of IIUM's Convocation Fiesta - jadi Director for General Exhibition. There were other Directors in our group eg. Bro Bakhtiar Pahroraji, Bro Suzirman Sibly - kena jaga Pertandingan Kucing, Maridan - masa tu dia President Student Rep Council, Bro Che Azmi - jaga MEX Exhibition dan tah siapa lagi tah... tapi itu semua cerita lama.. it is now my daughter's "graduation"day. Enjoy the pics. Semoga Jamilah akan terus maju dan cermerlang.