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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Me and my NGV

Just got my car installed with a sequential NGV kit as my car uses injection. Cost about 4K. my comments are as follows:1. I guess that I am lucky that the SI engine has ample amount of torque. No much difference or loss of power is felt UNLESS the gradient of the hill is steep - say 35 degrees (estimate - then I need to drop a gear - note : my car is automatic).2. the savings - wow! this is the best part. It is roughly 6sen per km. The installer had asked me to replace the old airfilter and invest in a good spark plug if further improvement is required.3. On stations - I noted that milage per tank is dependant on the pressure of the NGV pump. I was made to understand that it is the high cost of installing these pumps that is killing the station operators. Note : there are off peak time where only 1 or 2 vehicles queing to quench their thirst for CNG. Better if refil at night when the weather is cooler & less queing. 4. I have been to these NGV pumps 1. Shah Alam near Carlsberg - the best pressure, 2. Glenmarie - OK. 3. Subang Jaya section 17 - lesser than Glenmarie. Subang Airport - OK & LESS queing. 4. Sri Hartamas - lousy - only managed to pump in RM3 worh of gas in an empty gas tank!For No. 1 - i managed to pump in RM7.80 worth of gas = about 11 litres. I was told by a cab driver that In JB (not sure where) that the pressure is much greater that one can put in RM12 worth of gas. Abg Wafi, can you please confirm this?It has been an eye opening experience for me. One guy from Mesiniaga uses NGV for his Peugeot and for the first time in my life, last night, I saw a bus filling up CNG. I think that the bus ply the Kelang - Shah Alam route. Note: the above came from my own posting at Motortrader website. More information pls go to the following link.


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