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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Quick explanation

Ok somebody asked me. Superstage ni apa ke bendanya?

Okay, here it is, it is actually the name of a honda accord model variant for CA1 Superstage, an imported JDM (that is Japan Domestic Market) which replaced the Merc 190 that I had been driving earlier. The previous owner of this car was a performance enthusiast. He had actually replaced the original 1.8 engine with another JDM type engine, B20A which churned up 160hp. The engine is more commonly referred to in this part of this world as the SI engine. More information on SI engine (together with its scanned original manual) could be found at:


Now due to its inherent and amazing power characteristics, I am planning to install a NGV kit on that car. (sacrifice some power though).

And for those from Maahad, to see the other part of me when I was in MRSM, you can visit

Till then, take care.