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Friday, March 03, 2006

Trip to Pulau Bintan (Indonesia)

Kenangan semasa di Pulau Bintan. Just about one hour trip by ferry from Johor Bahru jetty. The beaches in certain areas are Club Med style. Currency in use - Singaporean Dollars (Ouch!).
Thanks a zillion to Sdr Irfan & his family for being such a wonderful host. Anybody wants to apply for Indonesian maids, Sdr Irfan sure boleh tolong punye! Iya kan Pak? Anybody planning to visit Indonesia, pls try out their Es Pokat andEs Tabak.... not to mention, Pecal Lele.

Jamilah poses with her Kak Tata in an Indonesian jamu store. At the age of 4, this kid could read the Quran like water... wow! Just give her any page at random and you will be amazed.