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Friday, March 03, 2006

Gerai Pakcik Anwar Udang Teluk Intan

These are some photos taken by yours truely, at Teluk Intan in August 2005. Exact location : Kg Terengganu. This is the place to visit if kome sume nak merasa makan udang galah sedap at a very cheap price! The stall owner is Pakcik Anwar, more commonly referred to as "Anwar Udang" to the local populace (and also bekas anak murid mengaji my late grandfather, Hj Md Johor). In the olden days, the site used to see some hectic activities as it used to serve as a jetty for kampung folks daily travel through a ferry system (kampung folks referred the mode of transport as "bot sebokin"). But that was ages ago. The ferry has now ceased operations and most of the village deep in the riverine Perak had long been abandoned or sparsely populated to the extent that they could not even conduct the Friday concregational prayers due to lack of corum.

Here, my dad remeninces his younger days, bring borned and brought up in Kg Banda, Teluk Penadah & not forgetting his dextrity as johan menjala solo.