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Saturday, February 25, 2006

My journey as a lawyer

Dear readers,

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt (Peace be upon you).

This is my first posting. I guess that it needs some introduction to it as a muqaddimah. I am now a technology lawyer... working in a leading R&D company in Malaysia. Just need a place of my own to pen my thoughts. My thoughts actually - the main reason for this.

In the course of my work... I would recieve instructions from my clients. Some just do not understand that I can only advise or give recommendations - point to them the risks that they are taking when concluding a deal. All the commercial risk are for them to think and ponder upon, as whatever their instructions would be, I would just carry them out.

Well anyway, it was one heck of a journey for me to reach where I am now. Initially I wanted so much to be a litigation lawyer (those in black & white suites attending court and arguing cases for you laypersons). I found self satisfaction in assisting others and see to it that the desire of the client is well taken care of within the limits of the law. Most cases that I did would be in civil litigation defence.... against banks whom all these clients took financial assistance, but to a reason or another, they later found themselves in trouble when they cannot pay the installments payment.

Unfortunately for me, (or you can say that it was also a blessing in disguise) that after I finished my chambering (sort of a hands on training period, before a person intending to be officially admitted as a lawyer) , the managing partner of the new firm that I applied work, decided that it would be in the best interest of the firm if I could join their corporate department, notwithstanding the fact I do not have any idea at all, what a corporate lawyer actually do (other than the intimidating thought of attending to and having to deal with the endless reams of papers, which they seemed very good at - churning them into myriad types of legal documentations).

The next thing I know, I was doing tons of documentations starting from 9 am till the wee hours after midnight....

Yeah, that was... hmmmm yup, I got the date right, 4th of July 1995... a great date to remember. Now more than 10 years down the line and add a few law firms to the list of employment. Boleh la... mybe one of these days, I'll scan some of the old pics that I have and post it here.

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Anonymous said...

yeah right. Good job.

It is unfortunate that the Bar Council no longer allows discounts or was it illegal to give discounts in the first place.