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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mat Yeh's wedding Dec 2006

Trip to Kay Bee (New Castle) Kelate -

Bertolak 8.30 am 02/12/2006 from Shah Alam... terus masuk hiway NKVE to KB. Quite some time dah tak pergi ke pantai timur eversince the last trip 2 yrs ago. It was a daring move as the weather reports kata Kelantan & Terengganu will be facing the brunt of saki baki Taufan Durian that had ungulfed the whole of Taiwan & parts of the Philipines (takde nama lain ka kalu nak kasi nama taufan? Maybe esok ada lak taufan Rambutan, Ciku or Manggis kot?). Anyway the main reason for this trip was because of my good friend - Ahmad Harith's (Mat Yeh) wedding.

Cuaca baik up to Lipis.. rintik2 aje, then terang benderang. Lalu the dreaded liku2 berbahaya (boleh tahan curam & selekoh tajam) then masuk ke Merapoh & lepas aje border Gua Musang it began to rain cats and dogs! Tapi sekejap aje. Sampai aje ke Kuala Kerai, Mat Yeh dah menunggu to fetch us to his family house in Guchil 3... tak jauh pun. Tak siap lagi hantarannya... the family members tengah sibuk mengecat rumah! I met with his sister & brother in law & other family members yg memberikan layanan yg baik (although tengah sibuk). Lepas makan, we all cabut ke PCB (again... destination Kem Kijang, hostel pelancong ... yes hostel aje standard aku ni). Unfortunately tah berbas-bas gang pengakap dah book tempat tu, so we end up spending the night dalam kereta... (tak logik kan). Actually, we stayed one night at Perdana Beach Resort that cost us RM169-00 with breakfasf for two. Not bad. Malam tu dah tergolek tak larat to go for the akad nikah in Peringat. Esok ajelah kita pi konvoy, I told Mat Yeh. Malam tu, before kita org pi makan, sempat shopping kain- kain batik. I suppose that this is one trip that my wife would hate to miss...

The next day, pepagi lagi the two girls nak pi mandi swimming pool lak... berendam lah sekejap (1 jam lebih gak). Husna was having fun pi menyelam... sebab berenang tak tahu lagi.. belajar tahan nafas je dulu. Lepas makan, kita org checked out and pi shopping kat Pasar Khadijah... tak sampai 25 minit pun (as park kereta pakai meter) tah Mat Dadah mana tah try nak umpil my car. Hasilnya - terus jammed & kunci kereta sebelah driver. Nasib... despite it all, we all teruskan dgn convoy pengantin. Jumpa di Masjid Peringat... dah jam 3 pengantin lelaki tak nampak batang hidung lagi... ada masalah teknikal.... dah jam 4 ptg baru bertolak ke rumah pengantin perempuan... depa dah lama dok tunggu dah ...adalah sikit pertunjukan silat yg ada referee.. macam Smackdown, utk menghiburkan Raja Sehari kita. Got to meet teman 1 master masa chambering dulu - Sdr Zahran Abdullah who opened up a law firm in KB and Maridan, his personal assistant - depa ni baru balik opis masa tu.

Time flew so fast & it was time to say goodby & ucap selamat pengantin baru to the newly weds. I was given the opportunity to main lanyak aje tepung tawar & suap garam ke mulut pengantin... never done that before... sori mat yeh.. tak berapa banyak garam yg aku kasi... We spent another night in PCB... kali ni jadi org miskin, dok hostel for RM30 pernight (yeah it is that cheap). Ada 4 katil single, cukup utk all of us to bunk in for the night. Malam tu we had dinner kat Yati Ayam percik... (quite a famous place in KB).

The next morning sempat singgah ke Wisma Songket Che Bidah - where we all borong 2 kodi samping songket for my father in law's business. Hah... kalu nak order samping kome boleh email me. Rega boleh dirunding. Bertolak balik... tetiba ada idea nak ke Cameron through the new hiway yg kononnya selamat from Gua Musang. 2 lane konon.... sampai Gua Musang dah lewat petang... memula jalan kecik.. then we were quite impressed - hiwaynya besar TAPI tersangat CURAMMMM... & panjanggggggggggg .... tah takde le nak lalu jalan ni lagi... not that I am not confident with my car, but takut kena sondol dari belakang dek lori balak masa depa turun bukit... bila depa turun bukit, siap flash lampu tinggi, but bila time kita naik bukit... bye2 la lori tu.... sampai Cameron dah pukul 8 malam & Alhamdulillah tak hujan... else tah tahulah sampai ke tidak.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nurul Sakinah's arrival

It has been quite a long time since I last updated this blog. Work commitments kept me away for quite some time. Just to announce that we now have an additional family member - Nurul Sakinah. She was borned on the 24th July 2007 although she was only expected to arrive few days before Ramadan. Neny had preeclapsia (not sure whether the spelling is correct) i.e. high blood at the later stage of the pregnancy and in order to save the mother and the child, a c-section operation would need to be carried out and Alhamdulillah, the doctors and nurses at Putrajaya Hospital were very well trained and had adequate facilities to handle such problems. Sakinah had to be immediately warded at the Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for about 4 weeks as the the baby's weight just about 1.4kg. We were told that we had to wait until the baby weight had increased to at least 1.8kg. For all those times, I had to travel to and fro every day from Shah Alam to the Hospital, sometimes twice daily to allow Neny to breast feed the baby.

The investment in NGV had proved to be helpful. After all, the Petronas CNG station is less than 1Km away from the hospital and not many taxis queing. After taking into consideration of the medical bills, toll, CNG... the whole affair cost me less than RM400-00.
Thanks to all friends and well wishers.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Me and my NGV

Just got my car installed with a sequential NGV kit as my car uses injection. Cost about 4K. my comments are as follows:1. I guess that I am lucky that the SI engine has ample amount of torque. No much difference or loss of power is felt UNLESS the gradient of the hill is steep - say 35 degrees (estimate - then I need to drop a gear - note : my car is automatic).2. the savings - wow! this is the best part. It is roughly 6sen per km. The installer had asked me to replace the old airfilter and invest in a good spark plug if further improvement is required.3. On stations - I noted that milage per tank is dependant on the pressure of the NGV pump. I was made to understand that it is the high cost of installing these pumps that is killing the station operators. Note : there are off peak time where only 1 or 2 vehicles queing to quench their thirst for CNG. Better if refil at night when the weather is cooler & less queing. 4. I have been to these NGV pumps 1. Shah Alam near Carlsberg - the best pressure, 2. Glenmarie - OK. 3. Subang Jaya section 17 - lesser than Glenmarie. Subang Airport - OK & LESS queing. 4. Sri Hartamas - lousy - only managed to pump in RM3 worh of gas in an empty gas tank!For No. 1 - i managed to pump in RM7.80 worth of gas = about 11 litres. I was told by a cab driver that In JB (not sure where) that the pressure is much greater that one can put in RM12 worth of gas. Abg Wafi, can you please confirm this?It has been an eye opening experience for me. One guy from Mesiniaga uses NGV for his Peugeot and for the first time in my life, last night, I saw a bus filling up CNG. I think that the bus ply the Kelang - Shah Alam route. Note: the above came from my own posting at Motortrader website. More information pls go to the following link.


Sesiapa ingat lagi kat senior kita Ahmad Wafi Abdullah? Pls visit that link - Zaws

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Maahad Reunion

Hehehe... gotta upload now as tomorrow aku sibuk gile...Alkisah, aku sampai ke tempat yang dijanjikan - Lotus Restaurant, PJ State at 11.50am. Not a single person yg aku kenal ada dilokasi. What a good location... it is just a stone thrown away from the Sunday Motor Sales in PJ State. After a brisk walk (habih aku round tengok kereta yg depa nak jual) barulah aku balik ke lokasi and there, dah sedia mustaid menunggu Si Jakpo & Radzi. I arrived about at the same time Fatakh sampai.

Arakian, they trickle in... one by one... Mail, Sapek, Zamri and Apak. The latter came with his son (mother's day la katakan - kena tolong jaga anak sekali). Apa yg dibincangkan... takleh nak cerita kat sini as terlalu banyak sangat topic yg diutarakan - the main topic was NETWORKING among friends. Condolences to Ariff, Nik Fazri, Fadil & Azri Banat yang macam real bebenor nak datang but due to a reason or another, they were not able to make it. The discussion was later adjourned to the Crown Princess Hotel, where we had a long Hi-Tea session - all fully sponsored by a good old friend. Tima Kacih banyak2...... In any event, kudos to Jakpo & Mail J (those that read law, would appreciate the letter "J" at the end means "Justice" - tapi ini "J" lain ye) and the particular sponsor yg belanja kami makan (semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki), for making this gathering a reality. Gambo2 lain nanti bila aku free (tah bila tu), I'll post it dalam Maahad's mailing list.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Majlis Aqiqah & Takhnik for Aishah Humairah

Sunday 16 April 2006, we held a majlis kesyukuran, Aqiqah & Takhnik at my parents house in Taman Tun Dr Ismail for for petite Aishah Humairah, a newly borned baby girl and first child for my brother, Azrul Hafizi. Kepada yang datang dan menghadiri majsli tersebut, terima kasih diatas kedatangan dan doa anda kalian. More photos will be uploaded to photopages soon. I am now the Pak Long for 4 nephews and the addition of a niece would be great!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Quick explanation

Ok somebody asked me. Superstage ni apa ke bendanya?

Okay, here it is, it is actually the name of a honda accord model variant for CA1 Superstage, an imported JDM (that is Japan Domestic Market) which replaced the Merc 190 that I had been driving earlier. The previous owner of this car was a performance enthusiast. He had actually replaced the original 1.8 engine with another JDM type engine, B20A which churned up 160hp. The engine is more commonly referred to in this part of this world as the SI engine. More information on SI engine (together with its scanned original manual) could be found at:


Now due to its inherent and amazing power characteristics, I am planning to install a NGV kit on that car. (sacrifice some power though).

And for those from Maahad, to see the other part of me when I was in MRSM, you can visit

Till then, take care.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A small reunion me and banat

It was like a miniature reunion on a miniscule level (dahla miniature...miniscule lak lagi!). A few weeks earlier, I met Halim Yankee & Radzi Manap kat Masjid Shah Alam. Just a few hours ago, me and Azri (aka Banat) had dinner together. We talked about old times and of mutual friends and of former teachers. The bond of friendship and sort of kinship is still present. I explained to Banat that of course I could still remember all the details. The explanation was easy - in all the years that I spent in MRSM, the system was totally different. Maahad really pale in comparison to MRSM as different from night and day in terms of facilities - for instance the teaching syllabus. When you guys in Maahad were enjoying your cuti penggal, I was really stuck with the MRSM's semester system! While you guys start to study the first chapter of a particular book, we started from chapter 11 instead. Even our holidays were different! So macam mana la nak datang tengok or melawat korang semua. If there was news from friends, it would either be from the trusted Amyr AlFatakh, Fahrul Zaman (suka hantar poskad from London) and lastly, a sweet girl that I know (name witheld), (alah ... kami bertukar soalan exams Maahad & MRSM je...since her mother was quite garang). Dora Ahmad, years later when we were studying in UIA's law school would be having a field day teasing me that the girl referred to above as my school sweetheart.

Anyway, of the many friends that I had, the 6 of us (me included) were exceptionally close i.e Ariff, Shahazwan, Ainal, Wan Hilal and Fadhil. It was firstly all because of the common interest that we share i.e computers and a lousy computer game by today's standard, by the name of Phantasie 1, Gemstone Warrior & Aztec . Other than that, we used to study, eat & had congegational prayers together. I guess that that was just a part of the usual boarding school bonding process, especially if one were to study in a religious institution such as Maahad Hamidiah. (mana boleh lupa.. belajar bahasa arab yg mengajornya memang org arab/iraq... sepatah haram pun aku tak tahu... pakat angguk "fahimna" aje yg lebih!) Anyway, aku masih ingat lagi tasrif feel madhi, mudariq & amr tu... and apa Ustazah Kalthom tu ajar camamana nak bezakan isim muzakkar & muannas tau and all those nonsense on alamatul i'rab (whatever that means)! korang yg stay on sampai habis tu macam mana?

In contrast, when I was in MRSM, I could not get rid of the label being put on me as "budak maahad". I was shoved around to lead congretional prayers, asked to give usrah & tazkirah, kalau bab doa-doa ni tolak kat kita (thank God, ada a few friends that can do it). Kalau kat Maahad dulu, setakat jadi imam or baca doa, hanya teman rapat sahaja yg akan ikut. Else, ikut org lain je. But here, they gave me the task of Unit Penerangan Biro Agama for Badan Wakil Pelajar (bukan pengawas or "Onchong" kat Maahad tau, supposed to be some sort of body representing kepentinghan students)... and to learn new things, be a leader that leads people, expect the unexpected etc. And this was the time I really learned to be independant. And kalau ada pun sumber inspirasi from Maahad yg luar biasa, I would gradly attribute it to none other than our beloved Ustaz Ghazali Hamzah.

So to friends from Maahad yg membaca blog saya ini, tak kira lelaki or perempuan, I would really like to hear from you guys. I may not remember all, but kawan tetap kawan. So I would leave it to Banat or others to set up a date. And yes I know, I missed the recent reunion. Takpe. There will be next time. Ilal li-qak fi istrerihah (sounds really funny kalau tulis arab in rumi). Auf weidersehen.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pasar Tani Mega & Car Boot Sale Shah Alam

Inilah dia gambaran Pasar Tani Mega & Car Boot Sale yg diadakan setiap hujung minggu di Shah Alam. Berbagai barangan yang diniagakan oleh majoriti usahawan Melayu yang dijual dengan harga yang berpatutan. Jika anda berhajat untuk membeli pakaian, songkok, tudung dan sebagainya, sudi-sudikanlah untuk singgah ke gerai Pakcik Abd. Aziz bin Anuar ynag terletak di corner lot bahagian tengah. Pakcik Aziz dan isterinya, Kak Ratna, telah lama menjalankan perniagaan pakaian dan boleh memberikan anda harga yang berpatutan.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Quotation for NGV conversion kit

Somebody sent me a quotation for the cost of vehicle conversion to NGV. Anybody care to comment on the pricing?

NGV Conversion Quotation (Carburetor , Fuel Injection 4 or 6 Cylinders and extra Cylinder)
No Items Description Price (RM)
1 NGV Conversion Kit (For Carburetor) 2700
- Consist of NGV Conversion Kit for Carburetor
- Consist of NGV Cylinder
- Installation fees included
2 NGV Conversion Kit (For Fuel Injection) - 4 Cylinders 3500
- Consist of NGV Conversion for Fuel Injection (4 Cylinders)
- Consist of NGV Cylinder
- Installation fees included
- Gas Mixer charges on item 4
3 NGV Conversion Kit (For Fuel Injection) - 6 Cylinders 4000
- Consist of NGV Conversion Kit for Fuel Injection (6 Cylinders)
- Consist of NGV Cylinder
- Installation fees included
- Gas Mixer charges on item 4
4 Gas Mixer charges that vary from car to car RM85 to RM150
5 Extra Cylinder (For extended range) 1300

a All price are fixed and in Ringgit Malaysia
b Kit: Our kits are made by GN Group of Argentina and it normally consists of reducers,high pressure steel pipe, fuel switch, indicator, solenoid and other accessories. For more info on this product pls visit www.gngroup.com.ar
c Cylinder: made from high quality steel material and are manufactured only by a limited few world over.They need to withstand pressures upto 200bar or 3000 psi. Our cylinders are from Cilbras, Brasil,one of the world leader in the cylinder business. For more info on this product pls visit www.cilbras.com.br
d 1 day Installation (Early morning sent to workshop, complete in the evening)
e Prices are subject to change without notice

Project TERKAM Photos

For those who are keen to know more on the progress of the TERKAM project, you are invited to the following link here for a closer look. Remember to click "see more photos" and to click on the displayed photos for a closer look. Kindly leave your comments thereto. Thank you.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

TESCO's Playground

Jamilah & Husna had some fun today after we had finished our shopping at our favourite shopping place - none other than TESCO. The price of goods offered - affordable, and certainly much more cheaper than GIANT. The competition amongst Hypermarkets in Section 13 Shah Alam has done the consumer some good. And from my observation, MACRO is certainly on the losing side.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Codenamed TERKAM, Ulu Langat

The project had taken off on a silent note albeit at breakneck speed. The internal highway utilised some 210 tonnes of dolomite rocks and high quality lumber were imported from Terengganu for construction of the "hostel". Estimated completion time would be in about a week or two. The project owner wish to thank all the participants whom had confidently piched in their hard earned money or money's worth and valuable time as capital in order to make this project a reality. We look forward to recieve the first batch of inhabitants in the next coming months. Insya Allah.
We expect to see some positive cashflow from the investment in a year's time.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Malim Kundang

The photos are self explanatory. These shots were taken by my sister in law in Padang, Sumatera Barat Indonesia (menghadap lautan Hindi) 2 yrs ago. It was supposed to be the site of the tragedy of Malim Kundang. The mural are supposed to be the life story of this Malim Kundang character, from his birth, childhood, the departure (with the blessing of his mother), his marriage to a royalty/noble family, his ignorance of his mother's pleas and the prayer by the mother which turned, not only Malim Kundang, but his entire fleet of vessels into stone.

As this Blog, unfortunately only allow me to post 5 photos, per update, the photo of what is believed by the locals to be Malim Kundang will be posted in the next installment.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Long lost friends...

On Monday 06/03/2006 , I had another suprise of my life.... the whole team waited patiently for their lawyer to come (me) to paint a beautiful picture, through my presentation, of the various products that we want to sell, to the customer... and the main shareholder of the customer, Azri budak Kedah, turned out to be none other than a former classmate when I was in Maahad Hamidiah!!!
Nearly 18 or was it 19 yrs ago?..... He was quite taken aback when I described to him the vivid details of some of our mutual friends in fronnt of the team members. The chaiperson then cooly proceded to remind me that I am their lawyer... so kenalah berlaku adil to my employer (nak buat macam mana). Anyway, it seems that he is going all out to belanja me & a few friends tomorrow night!
And there is another, a friend by the name of Hazman Halid. This guy sat right next to me when I was in Form 1... before dia cabut to another school. The excerpts below was taken from his Blog http://www.tukangtaip.com
Over 20 years ago, I lasted a couple of months in a boarding school out in Kajang. It’s that piece of memory that has been tucked deep inside the folds of my mind. I remember nothing of it. I’m amazed when I found out that that the kid that sat next to me in class not only tracked me down through my blog, he actually remembers every single detail in graphic lucidity. Holy cow! Reading his description (that he sent to a mutual friend) made me fall from my seat. This is something I simply have to record:
(of course I would delete my own email that he posted in his Blog but there were comments also) Somebody had misrepresented to him that I am now a sharie lawyer..
Responses to “The Long Lost Schoolmate”
coconutice Says: February 25th, 2006 at 6:17 am
that’s so sweet. A friend actually rememebered you from way back. A similar thing happened to me a few days back. But hte thing is i still cant quite recall much about her… :S my bad
Administrator Says: February 25th, 2006 at 9:55 am
Truth is, I’m having a hard time recalling too, except for the name that rang a bell from the deepest crevices in my brain. Heard he’s a Syariah lawyer now… err a religious figure reading my blog? Die lah.. I’ll prepare for a loadful of corrective advice when I meet him hahaha.
my206 Says: February 25th, 2006 at 10:34 am
ahlan…ahlan…wa..sahlan TT…kaifa aluka? Chewaah…nak belajar cakap Arab ngan TT lah!
evil_shandye Says: February 25th, 2006 at 1:22 pm
hao jie bu jian. ni hao ma? ni jiao shenme minzhe (sudah lama tidak berjumpa, apa khabar? siapa nama awak?) hehe… wo jiao mizz evil shandye (nama saya mizz evil shandye)
azzalea Says: February 25th, 2006 at 6:05 pm
ahaks! TT skool kat kajang eh. oo..dekat ar kita… satu skool ngan yassin brothers.
Administrator Says: February 27th, 2006 at 5:57 pm
For the record:
1. I flunked my Arabics just as I nearly flunked Bahasa Malaysia during SPM. I know how to order tawook in those Arab restaurants back in Dearborn though, thank goodness.
2. It was my school for 2-3 months before I moved back to PJ and continued in this Catholics missionary boys’ school called La Salle (I am Moslem and have chosen to be insyaAllah).

One of these days I am going to give my friend a call. Thank you to Sis Anum, Brother Chal's sister, for Hazman's handphone number

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Langkawi Cable Car Ride

The ride was... eerie.. imagine being suspended in mid air a couple of hundreds metres from the ground. Putus cabke kalu... habis sumenya mati terpleot... but the scenery is breathtaking. Not recommended for those yg ada heart attack.

You can see the suspended metal bridge. Kalau hujan lebat... toksahla nak naik... for kids, you have to pass the height test. Else takleh nak naik(more like photos penjenayah yg wanted by the autorities aje). More photos will be posted.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Gerai Pakcik Anwar Udang Teluk Intan

These are some photos taken by yours truely, at Teluk Intan in August 2005. Exact location : Kg Terengganu. This is the place to visit if kome sume nak merasa makan udang galah sedap at a very cheap price! The stall owner is Pakcik Anwar, more commonly referred to as "Anwar Udang" to the local populace (and also bekas anak murid mengaji my late grandfather, Hj Md Johor). In the olden days, the site used to see some hectic activities as it used to serve as a jetty for kampung folks daily travel through a ferry system (kampung folks referred the mode of transport as "bot sebokin"). But that was ages ago. The ferry has now ceased operations and most of the village deep in the riverine Perak had long been abandoned or sparsely populated to the extent that they could not even conduct the Friday concregational prayers due to lack of corum.

Here, my dad remeninces his younger days, bring borned and brought up in Kg Banda, Teluk Penadah & not forgetting his dextrity as johan menjala solo.