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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Korban dan Ibadah haji utk Neny

Aggressive and untreatable cancer that over the space of a year took her from relatively fit and healthy to being bedridden. Ultimately it was absolutely clear there was no medical intervention that was going to help, and even the doctors were recommending we just try to make the best of the little time she had left. She was transferred to palliative ward with mild chemo treatment.

She was so ill that nothing bought at that stage would have had meaningful use or impact for her. She was a grateful and obedient wife despite intervention from her family members concerning medical treatment and the choice of nursing home. There were things in those last few short weeks that were so, so much more important then other people's whims and fancies  - to make her feel comfortable and loved.

Neny knew that she was never going to see her daughters grow up, fall in love, get married, have children, follow their passions, paint, sew, cook, play in the sun and the sand with lil Muqarrabin, learn to swim, climb trees and skin their knees, to hold them and comfort them when they were sad or to laugh with them and roll on the bed listening to them laugh. That task is left to me and I gratefully accepted it.

She knew that they were going to grow up with very limited memories of their mama, despite me having lots of her photos, our digital asset and quite possibly at some point, calling someone else their mother instead.

She painfully knew that this was it, and she was helpless to stop it.

Days before she died, she thoughtfully requested me to withdraw what was left in her bank account to me, leaving it almost empty. With that money, she entrusted me to set up a small business to start a wakaf in her name and if enough income is generated, to act on her behalf for qurban in her name.

Semoga Allah menerima ibadah korban arwah isteriku, Neny Endriani Hj Bustamal dan memberikan ganjaran serta memperoleh haji yang mabrur. Terima kasih kepada hamba Allah yang akan melaksanakan ibadah umrah dan haji badal untuk isteri hamba. Mudah-mudahan Allah memberkati kehidupan tuan. Amiin.

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