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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sample Copyright Assignment

Somebody needs a sample Assignment, so here it is.  Don't forget to belanja me a cup of teh tarik, okay?  If you were to ask fellow practicing lawyers, they may charge you up to RM1k or a minimum of RM200-00 for this. :-)


 The Editorial Committee

(Attn:  Dr.                         )


I certify that the manuscript entitles:

[ insert title of manuscript ]

By author (s)

[ insert name of author(s) ]

(a)     Has not been published or considered for publication elsewhere.  I also confirm that the manuscript contains no material, the publication of which would violate any copyright or other personal or proprietary right of any person or entity. 
(b)     Once accepted for publication the copyright in respect of the manuscript shall thereupon become the property of the Editorial Board of the above mentioned Journal. I hereby assign to it the sole right, title, interest in and to the same to print and publish in any form or in any language, and in any part of the world, the whole or any part of the manuscript.

(c)     In consideration for the assignment of copyright in the Editorial Board’s favour, the Editorial Board shall retain my moral rights to be identified as the author(s) for the above manuscript.

(d)   Accordingly, I am solely responsible for the contents (errors and omissions, if any) contained in the manuscript.

Signed      :    ________________________          Date      :    _____________

Name       :    __________________________________________________

Address    :    __________________________________________________

·*To be signed by at least one of the authors

The manuscript will not be published until this signed form has been received by the Editorial Board.

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