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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Planning an urban commute trip to KB June 2012

Things to do/buy for the trip:

1. buy two 16" bicycle tubes as spares;
2. fix new bicycle rear racks for panniers to Curve D3;
3. get extra batteries for blinkers;
4. re-lube bicycle chains;
5. batteries for walkie talkies;
6. book Tune Hotel room @ KB;
7. bus/train tickets to Pasir Mas;
8. Apply leave - done and approved by boss.
9. transfer photos taken in Ozzie to HD & reformat - done.
10. Cameras D40 & kit lens self service - done.
11. Check Google Map for terrain - done (but was later informed that its probably not accurate!)
12. self repair shoes.
13. Minyak angin & medications for the trip.
14. Install rear view mirrors.
15. Install a horn (was thinking about hon benggali roti!) or just bring along a wisel.

Still long way to go. Soon the dream of exploring KB on two wheels folding bicycle will come true,
Insya Allah.

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