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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A note to a Friend (Part III)

When I set out writing unsent emails to her
It was simply to pacify my sorrow and grief
In my hour of need she abandoned me
Incapacitated, unable to respond, I had to leave.

A frail old man was always there for me
A word from him is what it would take
to cause her relationship to break.

Dear Daddy, it really does not matter
If my heart is destined to be shattered by your beloved daughter
Her happiness was all I have ever wanted
I gladly back off, being rejected.
The old man's trust was a burden to bear
I was only getting in her way, and that was not fair.

Being a person trained to be honourable
to place all my cards on the table
Being sincere and got nothing to hide
I'll gladly face anything without a sigh.

Least I know she's sheltered from the storm
Snugly and warm safe from harm.
Being displaced - my presence undesired.
Enough was said, my time had expired.

Looking back, I know, I am just a fool
To permit myself being used as a tool
All hope was lost, I was alone
My splintered heart had turned to stone.

I could no longer bear the pain
If I stayed on much longer I'll be insane.

My dear friend, tis is hard to say goodbye
when one's heart was split apart
No bird can fly with broken wings
No one can live with a broken heart.

A volunteer came and became my wife,
She picked up the pieces and helped me to strive
To my wife, I gave my broken heart, nurtured
Tis was hard to mend, it had fallen apart
It was like building a house with only sand
Trusting my judgement till the end.

(Next installment - Part IV)

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