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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Okay lets is talk about gadgets.. especially the Global Positioning Systems that works with PDAs. (Those who wants to know more about Garmin or other handheld GPS, you are reading the wrong article).

It has been over a year now since I bough my pre-owned trusted PDA - a lowly Dopod 818pro.. bought from a used phone shop in Sim Lim Tower in Singapore - sporting a MSWindows Mobile version 5 (OS 5.1.195) running OMAP850 Processor at 195mhz with 44.04 memory and not to forget a WIFI connection (if one is available - but no 3G). It comes with a 2megapixel camera (no flash!). This small gadget had saved my day more than once. And with the addition of an external blu
etooth gps receiver, I had managed to access alternative routes when traveling and at the same time avoid getting myself lost. All the travels is Singapore, Indonesia (Jakarta) & the USA was guided by my trusted PDA-GPS (with some help from the latest maps).

There are various types of GPS software that are suitable for PDAs eg. TomTom, Igo My Way and Mapking (for Asean Countries). For ease of use, I would prefer Igo My Way... anytime of the day. Unfortunately I could not get if done my way as the difficulty in getting the latest up to date map for Malaysia. The current one that I have dated way back in feb 2006! Nevertheless it had helped me a whole lot in our travels in the States... it practically guided us through amazingly unknown short cut routes (belakang kawasan rumah mat black pun ada.. they seemed surprised that a posh red Mustang just ran through their small access road at the back of their houses) ... just to avoid paying the US highway toll... I had enough of paying PLUS's highway toll back home... say goodbye to all the maps of Florida that I had collected with me...

For Malaysia, Mapking is the best as there is an active group of users at http://www.malsingmaps.com/ which actively provide support and regular updates (at least annually). Anyway, would need to register yourself as a member before you are allowed to download any maps there. Registration is free!

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